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Work Values & the Employee Experience

Designing technology for the enterprise in this decade requires consideration and support for the employee experience & their processes while also driving important business metrics (ahem, revenue).

To deliver an outstanding experience to your customers you must be able to deliver that same experience to your employees. How can we design an organization that increases our employees’ productivity?

Give them what they want.

Join Hundreds of Others to Declare Your Work Values

Let’s pull our collective expertise to design the future, tech-enabled workplace. It’s not enough to have tech tools; the future requires technology and people working together for outstanding experiences.

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About the Survey

The Work Values Survey is a multi-year long project to collect, analyze and distribute findings on how different generations value their work, what companies can do to retain their employees, and how they can build a workplace that delivers the values their employees hold dear.

  • The 2017 survey can be found here: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/1zDXIz
  • The Work Values matrix is based on the Lyons Work Value Survey (LWVS), a matrix developed based on 13 different work value measures, adding a few extra to reflect modern work environments. LWVS has been used in academic research.
  • The survey went live March 2016. Results from the survey will be shared biannually.

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We’re Looking for Partners

The ideal partner shares our same vision that the future of work is fundamentally changing as generational values and ideals evolve. They understand that through better data, leaders can shape a work environment that honors their employees’ work values while still delivering to their customers, shareholders and community. A great partner also sees that the process of taking the survey provides just as much value to the participant in evaluating their own ideals as well as contributing to the greater corpus of information.

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Are you interested in looking at the data in more detail?

If your business has interests in defining the future of work and catering to needs in the workplace, we can work with you to build custom reports. Some examples:

  • Segmentation of Work Values by Gender
  • Segmentation based on Level of Happiness
  • Comparison of Birth Year and Generation

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We do not share any participants’ information that would reveal personal identity.

“The Work Values Survey data helped me hone in on my target’s key needs in the workplace, and enabled me to segment older millennials from younger. This is key as these two groups have significant differences. I was able to refine my personas which directly drive how I connect with my customers”

Belma McCaffrey
Founder / Creator, Work Bigger