Of the many reasons startups and enterprise IT projects fail, what do they all have in common?

Inability to iterate on customer and stakeholder feedback in a systematic and rigorous way.

Our Mission

Taybiss is committed to enabling our clients to achieve sustainable growth and continuous improvement. We do this by:
(1) emphasizing relationships and the human factor in technology, and
(2) integrating processes and systems that achieve immediate and long-term growth goals.

Our Story

Taybiss (a.k.a. Tabas Consulting Group) was born in January 2014 after founder Lindsay Tabas spent 12 years designing user interfaces, working on product teams and managing user experience design & research programs. While Lindsay was coaching all 12 startups through the Techstars/Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, she realized something: All parts of developing a business – be it validating the market, crafting a communication strategy, deciding which features to build & designing usable interfaces – rested on the ability of a team to work as closely as possible with their customers.

Unfortunately, there’s a dearth of customer & user experience talent, and the talent that does exist can be extremely expensive. This is the problem Taybiss is obsessed with solving.

Read more about Lindsay Tabas here.

30+ Startups

4 Fortune 100

3 Privately Held (Revenue $1bb+)

50+ Small-to-Midsize Businesses

3+ Years in Business

6,000 Reached

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“Lindsay came in to help us discover and patch usability issues right before we launched our urban intelligence platform to the public and press. She quickly got up to speed and produced a comprehensive list of issues and solutions, and she let us know quickly enough such that we were able to deploy fixes before the launch.


While we have several product folks here at Placemeter, it’s hard to find all the issues that a new user would notice. Lindsay’s involvement led us to restructure our new user onboarding flow and our marketing site, and these improvements have boosted signups and conversion.”

Jon Lee
Former VP of Product, Placemeter
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