You want to ship your product, but early feedback shows not many people get it right away.

With Taybiss, create a spark with new customers. Deliver an experience that makes them want to come back for more.

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Did you know you have 8-to-15 seconds to connect with a new user before they jump ship?

That’s why it’s important to spend your resources working on the features and functionality that will drive adoption.

“Lindsay is wicked smart. She’s dangerous! She is very organized and articulate. She has a wide knowledge and experience across product, marketing, UI and UX, strategy, and operations and excels at keeping startup entrepreneurs and visionary dreamers on track, on point, and on task. She’s fantastic.”

David Oldham
Entrepreneur In Residence at Peterson Ventures

“Lindsay brings a high degree of academic quality to her get things done mentality. She quickly became a go to person when I needed creative innovative thinking” 

Jonathan Kind
Lead Technical Architect at American Express

We help startups nail their Customer & User Experience using an innovative and affordable design support model.

Joining the 90% of startups and enterprise IT projects that fail isn’t part of anyone’s plan, yet it’s really difficult to find people with seasoned experience that are passionate about your product. We join your team, guarantee to move the needle, and support you until you graduate to the next level.

Take a Baseline

Research & assess your customers, team & operational health

As-Is Situation

Identify, analyze & prioritize problem areas.

Methods & Means

Frame goals with actionable steps considering your resources, time & skills

To-Be Solution

Design the solution & the optimal way to get you there

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Customer psychology & user behaviors are the hardest things to get right consistently over time. Just because you’re an early stage company does not mean you need to hack design and product yourself.

We’re here to get you efficient, effective & thoughtful design, and to provide you ongoing support until you’re ready to hire your own, full-time team member.

Start by telling us about yourself and your company.

Lindsay Tabas
Founder and Principal, Taybiss

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